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   Financial Information
Annual Report 2017-18 Annual Report 2016-17 Annual Report 2015-16 Annual Report 2014-15
Annual Report Annual Report Annual Report Annual Report
Quarterly Compliance
pdf Corporate Governance report September 2018
pdf Corporate Governance report March 2018
pdf Corporate Governance December-2017
pdf Corporate Governance September-2017
pdf Corporate Governance June-2017
pdf Corporate Governance March-2017
pdf Corporate Governance December-2016
pdf Corporate Governance September-2016
pdf Corporate Governance June-2016
pdf Corporate Governance Dec 2015
pdf Corporate Governance September 2015
pdf Corporate Governance June 2015
pdf Corporate Governance March 2015
pdf Corporate Governance Dec 2014
pdf Corporate Governance Sept 2014
pdf Corporate Governance June 2014
pdf Corporate Governance March 2014
pdf Corporate Governance December 2013
pdf Corporate Governance September 2013
pdf Corporate Governance June 2013
pdf Corporate Governance March 2013
pdf Corporate Governance December 2012
pdf Corporate Governance September 2012
Quarterly Results
pdf Quarterly Result September 2018
pdf Quarterly Result March 2018
pdf Quarterly Result December-2017
pdf Quarterly Result September-2017
pdf Quarterly Result June-2017
pdf Quarterly Result March-2017
pdf Quarterly Result December-2016
pdf Quarterly Result September-2016
pdf Quarterly Result June-2016
pdf Quarterly Result March-2016
pdf Quaterly Results Dec 2015
pdf Quaterly Results September 2015
pdf Quarterly Result June 2015
pdf Quaterly Results March 2015
pdf Quaterly Results Dec 2014
pdf Quaterly Results Sept 2014
pdf Quaterly Results June 2014
pdf Quaterly Results March 2014
pdf Quaterly Results December 2013
pdf Quaterly Results September 2013
pdf Quaterly Results June 2013
pdf Quaterly Results March 2013
pdf Quaterly Results December 2012
pdf Quaterly Results September 2012
Share Holding Pattern
pdf Share Holding Pattern September 2018
pdf Share Holding Pattern March-2018
pdf Share Holding Pattern December-2017
pdf Share Holding Pattern September-2017
pdf Share Holding Pattern June-2017
pdf Share Holding pattern December-2016
pdf Share Holding pattern September-2016
pdf Share Holding pattern June-2016
pdf Share Holding Pattern Dec 2015
pdf Share Holding Pattern September 2015
pdf Share Holding pattern June 2015
pdf Share Holding Pattern March 2015
pdf Share Holding Pattern Dec 2014
pdf Share Holding Pattern Sept 2014
pdf Share Holding Pattern June 2014
pdf Share Holding Pattern March 2014
pdf Share Holding Pattern December 2013
pdf Share Holding Pattern September 2013
pdf Share Holding Pattern June 2013
pdf Share Holding Pattern March 2013
pdf Share Holding Pattern December 2012
pdf Share Holding Pattern September 2012

   Amalgamation/Merger Section
pdf Notice of Meeting of The Equity Shareholders
pdf Postal Ballot Form For Court Convened Meeting
pdf Financial Result RPPL NPPM NICL
pdf NICL Annual Report 14-15
pdf NICL Annual Report 15-16
pdf NICL Annual Report 16-17
pdf NPPM Annual Report 2014-15
pdf NPPM Annual Report 2015-16
pdf NNPPM Annual Report 2016-17
pdf RPPL Annual Report 14-15
pdf RPPL Annual Report 15-16
pdf RPPL Annual Report 16-17
pdf Accounting treatment certificate
pdf Annx E fairness opinion
pdf CA certificate accouting tretment nicl and nppm
pdf Pre and Post SHP - Rama - With and Without PAN_20171213202510
pdf RPPL compliance
pdf Scheme
pdf Observation letter from BSE of Nath Pulp Paper Mills Ltd 1
pdf Observation letter from BSE of Rama Pulp Paper Ltd

   Other Submission
pdf VIGIL Mechanism & Sexual Harashment Policy
pdf Unclaimed Dividend List
pdf Extraordinary General Meeting(EGM)

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